Category: Business
Job Title: Intern, Business Development
Contact Email:
Contact Phone 4053455010

Contact Name:
Ramier (Ray) Shaik

Opportunity Description:
This position will be working on techJOYnT project during this assignment. This project is geared towards young kids to foster innovation at an early age. Our programs are lively and hands-on using the latest robotics technologies. We take pride in making Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math(STEM) activities fun. Visit to learn more about this project.
We give our interns a great learning experience with new technologies in a warm and savvy work setting at techJOYnT. Our interns will be given an opportunity to attend free training and user group sessions at techJOYnT and shadow the most prolific tech entrepreneurs in Oklahoma City.

Benefits to Student:
Student will collaborate in aspects of engineering, marketing, and public relations in today's digital world. Our work culture is professional and  attire is business casual unless client facing meeting requires dressing up. An ideal fit in this role is a technology savvy individual with high career aspirations in high-tech industry. 
We do a monthly performance review and guide the student through the internship term. Our first term of internship is not paid since we believe it is the vetting period. However, the returning interns get paid $8/hr and we work with the school to fulfill their requirements for college credit.

  • Research entrepreneurship programs for elementary kids
  • Simplify business planning, accounting, financials, balance sheet, p&l for children
  • Social Media presence on Twitter/YouTube/Linkedin/Facebook/Google+
  • Making youtube/vimeo videos of build demonstrations and upload
  • Taking pictures and giving event updates to marketing responsible person
  • Display robotic kits and answer business questions at local competitions
  • Assist at robotics events with readiness and preparation of instruction sets
  • Build robots with the provided instructions and setup field prior to challenges

  • Previous exposure to FIRST FRC/FTC/FLL robotics participation a must
  • Good interpersonal relations with all age groups
  • Must enjoy working with ages 9 thru 14 to engage their curiosity
  • Creative arts background preferred but not required
  • Must have taken basic accounting and business plan courses
  • Mechanically inclined to build robots and non motorised tools desired
  • Graphics design and website development experience desired

  • Applicants must have awareness of F.I.R.S.T. Robotics programs i.e. FLL/FTC/FRC
  • Based on the role we will make training tutorials available with appropriate mentoring

Time Commitment:
  • Must be able to work 20 to 24 hours per week with at-least 6 hours at a time. 
  • Arrive on time at 8328 Glade Ave and start contributing to the project.

Development Opportunities:
We take great pride in developing our interns with the industry tools. We have an on-boarding process for our interns which includes a tour of our facility and safety orientation. During the first week, we conduct an inventory of skills and identify the areas the intern desires improvement. A formal initial review with SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed) goals is given to the intern with a clear definition of success criteria. An interim review is carried out approximately middle of the internship term. A final exit interview and review is done at the end of the term.

Paid or Unpaid position:  Paid

College Credit available:  Yes

Application instructions:
  • Send resumes to 
  • Complete the contact us form on
    • Include what you like about
    • Identify two areas of improvement with your suggestion

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“Internships are important because they are the gateway to getting a job.”
– C. Renzi Stone, Chairman & CEO, Saxum

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