The dangers of loose electrical outlets

Loose electrical outlets are not uncommon in homes. Its prevalence though do not mean that there is no danger in having a loose outlet around the house. This applies to all types of outlet including GFCI outlets, 3-pronged outlets and a 240v Outlet. 

This article will tackle the dangers household members get exposed to when electrical outlets come loose. It will also discuss how homeowners can safely deal with loose outlets. Lastly, it will share ways on how to avoid such electrical issue, moving forward. 

While most cases of loose outlets are due to wear and tear, careless usage could also cause the receptacle to loosen.

What happens in a loose outlet?

Loose outlet happens when the plate of the outlet comes loose, or the plug itself happens to fall inward or outward. When this occurs, electrical shock can take place. It can also prompt arcing that is not just striking, but also highly dangerous. Moreover, loose outlets can also cause damage to appliances.

When loose outlets are not fixed right away, the contraption could get further damaged. When the connections continue to shift, electrical fires are also highly likely to occur. The arc fault could easily start a fire given its high temperature. Since outlets are usually installed possibly combustible walls, and other furniture, fire could easily spread. 

Dealing with a loose outlet

The best way to deal with a loose electrical outlet is by seeking immediate professional help. Only a licensed local electrician contractor can help correctly repair a loose outlet. And while screwing outlet plates and carrying out self-troubleshooting of a loosened outlet seems easy and practical, it is tantamount to risking physical safety. It opens up the possibly of sustaining an electrical shock, or worse getting electrocuted. Moreover, incorrect repairs could damage appliances and electrical devices plugged therein. The possibility of sparking electrical fire is also highly likely. 

Preventing loosened outlets

Moving forward, household members should be more careful when using outlets. While most cases of loose outlets are due to wear and tear, careless usage could also cause the receptacle to loosen. Once receptacles come loose, it is best to immediately have it fixed as it is a safety risk, especially to children. It is also best to take some time to inspect electrical receptacles around the house periodically, so that one could determine if one of the power outlets has loosened up.