Recessed lighting is a common light installation for many homes. Houses, apartments, and tiny homes make use of canned lighting as it provides more focused lighting. For smaller homes and spaces, it can give the illusion that the illuminated area is more spacious.

While recessed lighting are best installed during the new construction phase of a residential property, since it requires boring a hole in the ceiling. However, most contractors could easily retrofit this type of canned lighting in homes during renovation procedures. 

The type of light bulb used in a recessed light can influence the lighting that it emits.

Where to use recess lighting

Recess lightings are best installed in a part of the home. Be it for the living area, the kitchen, the dining room, and even in the bathrooms. The unobtrusive design of recessed lighting helps make it the best choice, since it could easily fit in to the over all theme or interior design of a home. 

In reality, recessed lighting can be used in a variety of ways. It can be utilized as a task light, it can even perform as a accent light, and then the most common use if for general lighting. 

Types of light bulb to use for accent lighting

The type of light bulb used in a recessed light can also influence the lighting that it emits. In homes nowadays, the most prevalent choice is LED light bulbs. LED bulbs, or Light Emitting Diode Bulbs are the most practical and energy efficient type of light bulb given the technology that it utilizes. It can last for more than ten years, even with whole day or twelve-hour use. 

Incandescent light bulbs on the other hand are another common type of light bulb used in recessed lights. These are practical given the upfront cost, which is very minimal compared to other types of light bulbs. But unlike LED lights, incandescent light bulbs burn out much sooner. Also, it requires a reflector so that the illumination will get amplified.  

Halogen lighting on the other hand provides the brightest and most amplified type of electrical lighting. It is the most common choice for light bulbs used in the kitchen area as it provides strong illumination. It is the best choice for households that need more lights in the kitchen. The low voltage variety is a practical choice for most households since these are highly energy efficient and has a longer lifespan compared to other types of light bulbs.